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Our team has been fabricating and installing gaskets in the greater Orlando area since 2006. We currently service more than 300 area restaurants as well as other foodservice business. Here are the answers to the top 2 questions we routinely encounter. Please feel free to contact us about any questions or issues. We are here to provide you with the extraordinary service that leads to a long-term professional relationship.  

1. What is the best way to clean my gaskets?
Only a clean towel, soap, and water are needed.  Do not use bleach or degreasers as harsh chemicals like bleach will dry out the gasket, just like it dries out your hands, and cause them to dry rot and rip early.  Remember, gaskets are petroleum-based products. Degreasers are designed to break down grease (also a petroleum-based product), to make it easier to clean up.  So, if they are used as your primary cleaning agent, degreasers will start dissolving your gaskets.

2. How long will my refrigerator gaskets last?   
The answer is more complicated than it may seem because every circumstance is different.  As a “rule-of-thumb” if you have a high volume restaurant ($50,000-$100,000 dollars of revenue a month) the gaskets won't last as long as a restaurant with a smaller volume ($20,000-30,000 dollars of revenue).  Drawer gaskets don't usually last as long as door gaskets because sometimes as the metal pans are being pulled in and out of the drawer a sharp edge will catch the gasket, ripping the gasket as the drawer is shut. Walk-in cooler gaskets can last years as long as there aren't collisions with carts and pallets rolling in and out of the cooler. Refrigerator door gaskets often rip because chefs often grab the top of the door along with the gasket to open it instead of using the 4" handle to open the door.

Tip: Door gaskets will usually start ripping on the top on the opposite side of the hinges. We offer a product called “Gasket Guards” to help solve this issue.

3. Is there a longer lasting gasket?   
Yes, we sell heavy duty gaskets for the most popular profiles.  And, we offer a 6 month warranty on those gaskets. If you participate in our Annual Preventative Maintenance Program, these heavy duty gaskets are included at no extra charge.

4. How much does a gasket cost?
At Cool Seal Gaskets we offer straight-forward pricing on gaskets, so you can easily calculate an estimated amount for us to come out and replace them. We charge $35.00 for a pull out drawer, $45.00 for a half door, $55.00 for a full size door, and $75.00 for a walk-in cooler/freezer door. These prices are for standard duty gaskets and include material and labor.

5. Do you charge for an estimate?
No, estimates are free. Our customer service process is initiated during a no-cost, no obligation, on-site inspection by a specially-trained service tech who examines the condition of each refrigeration unit on the premises. Our technician reviews on-site service procedures and policies with you and we leave our “presentation package” with you for your vendor file. We will provide a detailed written estimate describing a low-cost solution to any immediate issues and determine what preventative maintenance should be addressed near-term short-term, or long-term. Most repairs are “flat rate” not hourly, so you can accurately budget for services.

During the initial inspection, our technician records the location, make, model, and manufacturer of each piece of refrigeration equipment noting the current condition of each together with the recommended action. With your permission, the tech will install inventory tags (weather-proof bar-coded stickers) enabling Cool Seal gaskets (and you) to better track service calls and reduce turn-a-round time. Using this system, in many cases gaskets can be fabricated before the scheduled service eliminating a return trip and minimizing equipment down-time.

6. Do you have a preventative maintenance program?
Yes, our preventative maintenance programs help you delay or avoid equipment replacement costs. By keeping commercial refrigeration equipment at optimum operating levels, businesses can avoid interruption due to out-of service equipment while benefiting from reduced operating costs including expensive repairs and inflated electricity bills. Properly maintained by Cool Seal Gaskets, commercial refrigeration equipment can have an extended service life.

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7. What if I need to get the work done, but I can't afford to pay all at once?
We can do all of the work and split up the bill into 2 or 3 payments, depending on the amount.  That way your gaskets are taken care of and you won't have to pay a large bill all at once.

8. Can I install the gaskets myself?
Yes, you can purchase custom-made gaskets directly from us. And, if you are in the local area, we can drop them off at your store so the gaskets won't get twisted up in a shipping box.  But remember, if the gasket doesn't seal properly to the door frame you are going to lose cold air, which costs you money. Please consider our professional installation service ... it will save you money overall.

9. Do you install original equipment manufacturer (OEM) gaskets?
Actually, we fabricate and install gaskets that meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications.  If we don' carry the specific gasket profile for a particular refrigeration unit, we will order the exact OEM replacement gasket directly from the factory then install it.

10. What is the turnaround time from inspection to installation?   
If you are in our local area (Greater Orlando) it is usually 24-48 hours. Existing customers get faster turn-a-round times because we maintain a database of gasket measurements and profiles for each refrigeration unit (so we can fabricate the gasket without coming out to measure first). If there is an emergency, we can have gaskets installed the same day.

11. What are your gaskets made of? 
Our regular gaskets are made of PVC (poly vinyl chloride) and our heavy duty gaskets are made of Santoprene® (a/k/a Sanaprene®) or Alcryn®.

12. Do you recycle your gaskets?     
Cool Seal Gaskets currently recycles the magnets for reuse in new gaskets installations (this reduces our environmental impact while reducing customer costs).  Unfortunately, we cannot recycle the gasket material at this time (no manufacturer we are aware of accepts used gaskets for recycling).

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